Both challenge and geographical skills, such as sketching should be a key component through a geography topic. Yet when teaching certain topic I like to view student perceptions before introducing key terminology or content.

Example 1: Perspective of a world map

Students are asked to use their knowledge of maps to illustrate their understanding of a world map.

Example 2: Tourism – Illustrate a tourist

Students are asked at the start of a tourism topic to Illustrate a tourist to show your understanding. Once illustrated a class discussion could be created to discuss key features included in their sketch as well as reasons as to why it was included in the first place.

This activity could then lead on to students creating their own definitions of the word ‘ tourist’ and compare their answers to the real definition.

Examples 3: Conflict – Illustrate a pirate

Similar to the tourism example above, however this time the class could compare their image of pirates to a twenty-first century pirate in Somalia. Then discuss reasons for differences, as well as address what may have influenced their perceptions of what a pirate looks like from TV, films, stories etc.