As geographers we are constantly trying to reinforce locational knowledge within lessons and schemes of work, in order to bring geography to life through real life examples.

When new students join our school in year 7 we issue all students a ‘Geography passport’. The first activity requires students to complete their identity section (in class) in order to give them a sense of place and ownership in their new school environment.

The second activity requires students to design a passport logo symbol incorporating a geography theme as well as the school emblem. This could be offered as a competition, where they winning passport symbol could be used as the geography departments twitter, facebook or even open evening logo.

The remained pages of the passport are comprised of maps of various locations i.e. UK, world, continents. Each lesson incorporating a location would require pupils to locate the place on a map within their passport. Overtime students will build up a geography passport which they could take through their entire geography curriculum.

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*SHOUT OUT to David Gardner who provided this idea at a Geographical Association ‘Good to Outstanding’ CPD course.