This  lesson requires students to make synoptic links between various pieces of information in order to answer the mystery question.

Step 1: Categorising evidence

Students categorise the statement provided. These can be categories such as climate, weather, economic, environmental. However I would warn teachers not to give students the categories, only suggestions as this is about them evaluating various pieces of evidence to form their own ideas.

Step 2: Synoptic links

This can be completed one of two ways. Students could illustrate their categories as well as their evidence into a visual hexagon (see image 1). Or they could complete a SOLO taxonomy grid in order to assess the effectiveness of various pieces of evidence (see image 2: adapted from the Geographical Association).

Step 3: Suggest an answer

Students will then need to summarise their understanding, drawing conclusions which link back to the original mystery question. This can be done by writing it up as a summative piece or updating their facebook status.

Resources for this activity can be accessed HERE.