Progress is a critical aspect of any lesson especially when being observed. Here are a few of my tried and tested strategies:

Strategy 1: Post it note tracking

Students are each given a post-it note to write their name on. During the lesson students are asked to place the post-it note on the task they are currently completing in order to let the teacher know which task they are up to. This also allows a clear visual display to track progress and which students may be struggling with a particular task for intervention.

This strategy works particularly well with boys, as they see the task tracker as a competition or a race to get to the end! I have also used this strategy when completing coursework or an assessment when being observed both formally and informally.

Strategy 2: Spiders web

When completing group discussions give each group a ball of string. The student to begin the discussion starts with the end of the string passing the ball of string to the next student who continues the discussion placing the string around their finger. This process is continued throughout the discussion.

Teachers can easily track progress throughout the discussion by watching the string being passed around the group. It also allows teachers to observe students who are dominating the discussion against those being more passive based on the amount of string on their finger.


*Source: Talk less teaching

Strategy 3: Social media update

Access for free … HERE.

*Idea adapted from: @87history

Strategy 4: Before and after

At the start of the lesson students are asked to illustrate a diagram of a volcano. Then after completing the lesson, ask students to redraw the diagram below the one at the start to compare their understanding before and after.

Strategy 5: Opinion line

This idea can be completed multiple ways in order to track student opinions throughout a lesson:

  1. Classroom whiteboard
  2. Worksheet
  3. Washing line
  4. Post it notes
  5. Stand in a line