After the 2014 National Curriculum changes resulting in the removal of levels for assessing pupils progress many geography teachers have been concerned with what to do next.

As a response to curriculum changes the Geographical Association (2016) published a document called ‘An assessment and progression framework for geography’. This published document (here) focuses on age related expectations for a students’ contextual world knowledge, understanding, geographical skills and enquiry.

This document has not only been the holy grail of how we as geography teachers could assess our pupils, but it has formed a foundation for us as teachers to demonstrate how students can progress throughout Geography from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4.

Progress throughout KS3

The image above is adapted from the GA publication, specifically for KS3 years 7 to 9, showing how students progress throughout KS3 Geography. It is also helpful when explaining to students how their contextual word knowledge, understanding, skills and enquiry will develop between year 7 to 8, and year 8 to 9.

This framework is placed in each students exercise book and is regularly referred to when concerning progress across Key Stage Three.

Progress throughout year 7, 8 and 9

With regards to progress in each year group, this GA document was then used to design a common assessment framework specifically for year’s 7, 8 and 9. As you can see from the images below, each year group is then given a common assessment framework which shows what is expected of each student based on their ability for that year.

Again, this framework is placed in each students exercise book and is regularly referred to when concerning progress throughout the academic year, based on contextual world knowledge, understanding, skills and enquiry.

To summarise this common framework is written in accordance to the age related expectations with further differentiation based on a pathway grading system (Extended, Higher, Intermediate and Foundation – BLOG POST COMING SOON). This has allowed the development of new rigorous KS3 assessments from a topic based approach (accessible HERE).

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Overall these common assessment frameworks have allowed students to understand how their learning will evolve over the course of Key Stage Three, whilst adopting similar assessment objectives within GCSE which they can transition towards without planning progress backwards.

For information on how this approach has been adopted within our KS3 assessments, please refer to a previous blog post HERE.

CLICK HERE to access each assessment framework discussed above.