With AQA introducing 9 mark questions, which demand higher order thinking skills through using command words ‘To what extent, ‘Assess’ and ‘Evaluate’. I decided to create a number of handouts for student to use as a writing frame based on these command words.

To what extent

Students use the ‘scale’ aspect of the handout to provide evidence in order to weigh up two aspects of the exam question, in this case challenges and opportunities of cold environments.

To conclude students must justify their decision and decide which way the scales would tip.



Students use the ‘hand’ aspect of the handout to summarise the key advantages and disadvantages of various aspects (i.e. social, economic, environmental).

To conclude students must decide which aspect of the question was the most important OR the greatest advantages/disadvantages.


Providing students with these handouts for these specific questions will hopefully teach them to associate these particular commands words with scales or hands, and therefore when in the exam students will know how to break down the question with what needs to be included in the answer.

Access these resources … HERE!