A fellow colleague inspired me to create this resource due to low ability and EAL students struggling with key geographical vocabulary on a regular basis.

Designed for Key Stage Three the dictionary includes a range of topics: rivers, coasts, tectonics, weather, glaciation, population, ecosystems, tourism, development, globalisation etc.


To make these accessible for students I store a number of them at the front of the classroom by my desk. This way students who wish to use this resource find them easy to access in order to define geographical words without needing to ask the teacher.

The advantage of this illustrated dictionary compared to other publications is that each word is illustrated with a clear image referring to each geographical word and its definition. Therefore aiding students of all abilities, as well as those with English as an additional language (EAL), to access the lesson.

Since introducing these into the classroom students in both Key Stage Three and even Key Stage Four have felt more self-assured when attempting to include geographical words in their work, as well as developing the confidence to use this resource to improve their literacy skills and geographical vocabulary.

Access this resource HERE!