I have seen many examples of bunting being created on twitter, so I decided to use this strategy to teach my Year 7 students geological time periods.

The class was divided into groups with each student being assigned a different geological time period, which they would illustrate on a bunting triangle. Once complete the buntings would be put together to create a group bunting.

The success criteria required each student to name the era, period, year, events and illustrations. The bunting was then cut out and glued onto card, which was then hole punched and threaded with washing line.

Students had a real sense of ownership with this activity, as well as developing their team work skills. They were made up to see the bunting displayed in the classroom once complete, which gave them a real sense of pride.

Other ways to use bunting:

  • Key words
  • Command words
  • Historical events i.e. tectonic hazards, extreme weather
  • Countries
  • Flags
  • Learning journeys
  • Exam questions