This week my Year 11’s made chips, but not in the traditional sense. Students were give a portion of chips and a wrapper template to either:

  1. Write and define key words, by the end they had a portion of topic ‘chips’ in order to take home and test themselves
  2. Explore various past paper questions and write these on their chips. This way they could take home their chip portions, pick a chip out and practice their exam technique
  3. Write key words on one portion of chips and the definitions on another portion. This could then be used as a match up game until all the key words have been defined.

By the end of the lesson each student had created their own portion of chips in order to aid their revision. The majority of students, I dare say, were proud of their chip portion creations and did not want them to get ‘squashed’ when packing up. Success!

Other ideas

This activity could also be used by the teacher to randomly question students during a lesson, by asking students to select a chip from the packet. The possibilities are endless.

Access this chip template for FREE… HERE!