What is a ‘walking talking exam’?

A walking talking exam is a strategy which teachers can use in a number of formats:

  1. Taking your students through the exam step by step whilst they complete each question following advise from the video (see below)
  2. Set students the task of watching the video for homework, noting down important information. Once back in class students complete the test independently
  3. Take the students through the exam step by step asking them to summarise key information or annotate each question to draw out what is required. Then assign the test as homework.

These strategies have been tried and tested on multiple occasions, and have been highly effective in raising students’ understanding of exam technique, how to structure answers fluently as well as how to break down questions to understand what the question is asking.

Below are some examples of walking talking exam I have created and uploaded onto youtube:

Example 1: Ecosystems and tropical rainforests 

Example 2: Cold environments and tropical rainforests