Inspired by a previous tweet from @HHPhilandEthics, I decided to trial ‘tug of war’ this week in two contrasting lessons.

First of all, this strategy was used with my Year 9 students to explore various stakeholder opinions of globalisation.

Students were instructed to use the various pieces of colour card to  design their stakeholders (stick people). Each stick person was then transformed into a stakeholder, alongside their opinions on globalisation. All of which was written on the template cut out.

Once students had a range of ‘stakeholders’ they assembled their templates onto a piece of paper, in typical tug of war fashion. To top it off they even added string!

To say I was impressed with the outcome, would be an understatement!

In my second lesson, my Year 12 students used the same strategy to evaluate sustainable coastal management strategies.


So, how could you utilise this strategy?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Opinion lines
  • Class discussions and viewpoints
  • Stakeholder opinions
  • Debating – developing support or challenge arguments
  • Assess the effectiveness of …
  • Evaluate the success OR failure…