A new element of the new AQA GCSE Geography specification, requires students to understand characteristics of coastal and river landforms.

Therefore I wanted to create a number of resources which students would be enthusiastic to complete, rather than them passively engage with landform characteristics. Thus, my inspiration for a polaroid montage.

Idea 1:

Over a series of lessons, students explored a variety of coastal landforms in this example. Using the pre-prepared polaroid montage layout, students were asked to use this resource to compile landforms characteristics.

Each time students were introduced to a new landform, they were asked to sketch an example. Then from that image they were required to annotate their sketch with characteristics of that particular landform.

The end result (see below) was a polaroid montage of landforms within a certain theme i.e. coastal landforms.

Idea 2:

For a lesson exploring river landforms along a case study example, students completed a polaroid array.

However this time students were asked to sketch each location, a photograph of a river landform and OS map of the same location. They decided to split the polaroid montage into three sections; upper, middle and lower course.

Similar to idea one, the end result (see below) was a polaroid montage of a case study of a river demonstrating erosion and deposition features.

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