I am currently teaching my Year 10 students ecosystems from the new AQA GCSE (2016). With one of my first lessons being to explore ‘The balance between components. The impact on the ecosystem of changing one component’ (AQA GCSE Geography specification, 2016).

For this particular specification content I wanted my students to complete chains of reasoning, for what would happen if a particular component was changed within a freshwater pond small scale ecosystem.

Dulux colour charts were used for this activity as each colour strip is divided into four or five various shades. Therefore each colour shade was used to symbolise the chain reaction events as a result of changing one component within a freshwater pond (see instructions below).

2. how does change affect ecosystemsStudents responded well to the colour charts, using each shade as another chain reaction. Once completed students were instructed to glue these chains of reasoning into their exercise books to showcase their understanding from the activity.