A new revision resource updated for AQA GCSE Geography 9-1.

A set of revision pong sheets complete with topical questions and forfeits.

Set up a typical ‘beer pong’ table with cups at each end. The revision pong sheets can then be cut up and the question/forfeit tabs placed in the cups (instead of beer – obviously!).

Two teams stand at opposite ends of the table and go head to head. Each member of the team takes turns attempting to bounce the ping pong ball into one of the opposing teams cups. When the balls lands in a cup that team much answer one of the question tabs in the cup, but if they answer it incorrectly they must complete the forfeit.



For this particular resource the topics include living world, natural hazards, coasts, rivers, fieldwork, urban issues, economic development and global resources including water.

Access the revision pong resource… HERE!