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Progress: Post it notes

Post it notes are a fantastic tool in many ways, especially when needing to track progress within a lesson or during a test without having to stop and start the activity repeatedly. How does it work? Students are each given... Continue Reading →


Tectonic plate boundary jig saw puzzle

Maps are an invaluable resource in Geography. Therefore I try to incorporate jig saw puzzles into schemes of work forcing students to access and recall their locational knowledge and spatial awareness. I have found this strategy (with kinaesthetic aspects) reinforces students... Continue Reading →

Connect four 9-1: Revision

A new revision resource updated for AQA GCSE Geography 9-1. A popular and engaging way to summarise a topic or get students recalling previous knowledge. Based on the classic connect four game, two students answer must answer a question successfully... Continue Reading →

No more than 5 words

‘No more than 5 words’ is a simple strategy to encourage students to try and recall prior information recently read. This strategy works brilliantly alongside ‘home and away’. Students are first placed into home groups, where they are asked to... Continue Reading →

AQA Thinking quilt case studies

For revision this week my Year 11 students have been completing an AQA #thinkingquilt, an idea which I adapted from Karen Knight (@KNNTeachLearn). This A3 double sided resource is split between Paper 1 (Living with the physical environment) and Paper... Continue Reading →

Revision pong 9-1

A new revision resource updated for AQA GCSE Geography 9-1. A set of revision pong sheets complete with topical questions and forfeits. Set up a typical 'beer pong' table with cups at each end. The revision pong sheets can then... Continue Reading →

Case study info-graphics

Case studies are an integral part of Geography, but more often than not my students struggle to condense crucial information into a more manageable size for revision. The human section of the new AQA specification, for example, has such a... Continue Reading →

Snooker 9-1: Revision

A new revision resource updated for AQA GCSE Geography 9-1. These snooker sheets are designed for students to 'pot' balls by selecting questions in order to accumulate points in relation to the rules of snooker. The higher the points available,... Continue Reading →

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