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Revision clock

Revision clocks (created by @TEACHGEOGBLOG) assist students in condensing an entire topic into twelve sub-topics. In each segment students summarise key information required for their revision, using recommended headings (provided by the teacher). They can present this using diagrams, images, graphs,... Continue Reading →


Proportional lego maps

Last week, students investigated the global distribution of certified fair trade farmers. How it worked? In pairs, students were provided with a data sheet, A3 world map and lego blocks. Firstly, they agreed on a key using the various sizes... Continue Reading →

How to complete a field sketch?

The focus with Year 7, this term, has been to explore the subject of Geography through the development and practice of geographical skills. The aim being to enhance/embed their geographical experiences from primary school, whilst introducing them to new skills... Continue Reading →

Foldable structure of the earth

An interactive introduction to plate tectonics, in my classroom, begins with students creating a foldable structure of the earth diagram. This activity is very open ended allowing students to showcase their creative flare,  resulting in a beautifully presented front page... Continue Reading →

A tale using four figure grid references

'A tale' is an activity I was introduced to during my PGCE* and it has been used every year since with students of various abilities and key stages. At the start of the lesson students begin to understand how to state... Continue Reading →

GCSE revision packs

In my previous department we always recommended GCSE students have a revision guide, at a minimum, to refer to when completing homework or preparing for formative and summative assessments. But, we also place great emphasis on the importance of using a... Continue Reading →

Grid square table cloths

A grid square table cloth is a versatile resource to create. All you need is a plastic table cloth (available from your local pound store), a ruler and a sharpie. Once the table cloth is complete arrange it across a number... Continue Reading →

NQTs; 10 top tips to get you started

If you are starting your NQT year this term, you are probably experiencing an array of emotions from excitement to nervousness. So to help you get started and embrace the amazing journey you are about to experience, here are my... Continue Reading →

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