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Progress: Ready, set, race!

One of my most recent lessons required students to understand how cold environments can be managed effectively. There was a large amount of content I wanted each student to get through during the lesson, all of which needed to be... Continue Reading →

Command word wheel

A command word wheel has the potential to assist students to understand in more detail various command words used in examination classes. Each section of the wheel includes the command word (e.g. explain), its definition as well as sentence starters for how to begin... Continue Reading →

Volcano mocktails

Inspired by the hurricane mocktail from a recent blog post, I have created another variation for different types of volcanoes; composite, hotspot and supervolcanoes. This creative worksheet, much like the hurricane mocktail, allows students to understand the location, structure and... Continue Reading →

Hurricane mocktail

A creative worksheet for students to understand the distribution, formation and features of a hurricane with a 'mocktail' theme. This idea was inspired by @montserrat2901 on twitter. This activity was completed with low ability Year 8 students, who found each... Continue Reading →

Illustrated geography dictionary

A fellow colleague inspired me to create this resource due to low ability and EAL students struggling with key geographical vocabulary on regular basis. Designed for Key Stage 3 and even Key Stage 4 the dictionary includes a range of... Continue Reading →

Structuring 9 mark questions (To what extent, Assess and Evaluate…)

With the introduction of 9 mark questions asking students 'To what extent, 'Assess' and 'Evaluate' which demand higher order thinking skills. I have created a number of handouts for student to use as a writing frame based on the specific... Continue Reading →

Sixty+ revision strategies

Click HERE to access this free downloadable resource! Otherwise see this previous blog post for some 'revision game' resources.

Coasts: Design a board game

This activity allows students to apply their geographical understanding of coastal processes, over the course of two to three lessons (maximum of two lessons to make and one lesson to play). Students are asked to design a board game to... Continue Reading →

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