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Tug of war

Inspired by a previous tweet from @HHPhilandEthics, I decided to trial 'tug of war' this week in two contrasting lessons. First of all, this strategy was used with my Year 9 students to explore various stakeholder opinions of globalisation. Students... Continue Reading →

Bunting: Geological time

I have seen many examples of bunting being created on twitter, so I decided to use this strategy to teach my Year 7 students geological time periods. The class was divided into groups with each student being assigned a different... Continue Reading →

Are you finished?

I am sure we have all had, at some point in our careers, student(s) who complete a task before the rest of the class. However there may not be enough time for them to complete a challenge task which requires... Continue Reading →

Illustrated geography dictionary

A fellow colleague inspired me to create this resource due to low ability and EAL students struggling with key geographical vocabulary on regular basis. Designed for Key Stage 3 and even Key Stage 4 the dictionary includes a range of... Continue Reading →

Sixty+ revision strategies

Click HERE to access this free downloadable resource! Otherwise see this previous blog post for someĀ 'revision game' resources.

Progress tracking

Progress is a critical aspect of any lesson especially when being observed. Here are a few of my tried and tested strategies: Strategy 1: Post it note tracking Students are each given a post-it note to write their name on.... Continue Reading →

Growth mindset

'Our job isn't to help kids reach potential - but to exceed what they think they can do.' John Hattie This is more easily said then done, specifically when only done by one member of staff. In order to develop... Continue Reading →

Strategies to learn geographical vocabulary

We all know that geographical vocabulary is crucial for every topic studied at GCSE. So here are a few quick ideas: Idea 1: Knowledge trading Source: AQA Outstanding lessons CPD, 2015 Students are given 30 cards (10 x red, 10... Continue Reading →

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