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Annotating emoji’s

After exploring the global impacts of climate change on people and the environment this week, students summarised the impacts emoji style. A quick and simple strategy to summarise learning, or a tool to encourage synoptic links. Plus, students love emoji's!


If geography was…

Out of the box questioning is a fantastic strategy to promote and challenge students critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills. 'If geography was...' is just one example of lateral thinking, as a means to describe questioning requiring out of... Continue Reading →

Jail bars: Who’s to blame?

In 2015 I read a brilliant article in Teaching Geography (*shout out to Hannah Campion) whereby students are asked to solve a geographical enquiry based on the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013. This enquiry is ideal for developing problem solving... Continue Reading →

5 a day

A strategy which can be used as a starter, plenary and even for revision. Its primary purpose is to review previous lesson content as a means of interleaving. I like to give students an A5 worksheet containing five question boxes,... Continue Reading →

Are you finished?

I am sure we have all had, at some point in our careers, student(s) who complete a task before the rest of the class. However there may not be enough time for them to complete a challenge task which requires... Continue Reading →

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