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Tectonic plate boundary jig saw puzzle

Maps are an invaluable resource in Geography. Therefore I try to incorporate jig saw puzzles into schemes of work forcing students to access and recall their locational knowledge and spatial awareness. I have found this strategy (with kinaesthetic aspects) reinforces students... Continue Reading →


Eighty fieldwork techniques

With increasing emphasis on fieldwork being a requirement from Key Stage 1 up to Key Stage 5, there will never be a better opportunity to introduce students to a range of geographical fieldwork techniques at a variety of contrasting locations.... Continue Reading →

Coasts: Design a board game

This activity allows students to apply their geographical understanding of coastal processes, over the course of two to three lessons (maximum of two lessons to make and one lesson to play). Students are asked to design a board game to... Continue Reading →

Strategies to learn geographical vocabulary

We all know that geographical vocabulary is crucial for every topic studied at GCSE. So here are a few quick ideas: Idea 1: Knowledge trading Source: AQA Outstanding lessons CPD, 2015 Students are given 30 cards (10 x red, 10... Continue Reading →

Geography Quiz-Quiz-Trade

This Kagan strategy is fantastic for stretch and challenge, consolidating knowledge and revising key geographical vocabulary. How does it work? Each student is handed a quiz card, composed of a primary question and a challenge question. Using the Kagan structure... Continue Reading →

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