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Progress: Ready, set, race!

One of my most recent lessons required students to understand how cold environments can be managed effectively. There was a large amount of content I wanted each student to get through during the lesson, all of which needed to be... Continue Reading →

Earthquake comic strip

This activity was completed by Year 9, where students were asked to complete a comic strip to illustrate and explain the formation of an earthquake. Students were instructed to be as creative as they wanted providing their completed comic contained all... Continue Reading →

Volcano mocktails

Inspired by the hurricane mocktail from a recent blog post, I have created another variation for different types of volcanoes; composite, hotspot and supervolcanoes. This creative worksheet, much like the hurricane mocktail, allows students to understand the location, structure and... Continue Reading →

Weather mystery: Why do our Facebook photos go to Sweden?

This  lesson requires students to make synoptic links between various pieces of information in order to answer the mystery question. Step 1: Categorising evidence Students categorise the statement provided. These can be categories such as climate, weather, economic, environmental. However... Continue Reading →

Coasts: Design a board game

This activity allows students to apply their geographical understanding of coastal processes, over the course of two to three lessons (maximum of two lessons to make and one lesson to play). Students are asked to design a board game to... Continue Reading →

Strategies to learn geographical vocabulary

We all know that geographical vocabulary is crucial for every topic studied at GCSE. So here are a few quick ideas: Idea 1: Knowledge trading Source: AQA Outstanding lessons CPD, 2015 Students are given 30 cards (10 x red, 10... Continue Reading →

Geography display ideas

It is close to that time of year, OPEN EVENING, and therefore time to refresh displays. I have dedicated a large portion of my time over the last two years to revamping our department displays. I have included a photo... Continue Reading →

Geography Quiz-Quiz-Trade

This Kagan strategy is fantastic for stretch and challenge, consolidating knowledge and revising key geographical vocabulary. How does it work? Each student is handed a quiz card, composed of a primary question and a challenge question. Using the Kagan structure... Continue Reading →

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