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5 a day

A strategy which can be used as a starter, plenary and even for revision. Its primary purpose is to review previous lesson content as a means of interleaving. I like to give students an A5 worksheet containing five question boxes,... Continue Reading →

Walking talking exams

What is a ‘walking talking exam’? A walking talking exam is a strategy which teachers can use in a number of formats: Taking your students through the exam step by step whilst they complete each question following advise from the... Continue Reading →

Progress: Ready, set, race!

One of my most recent lessons required students to understand how cold environments can be managed effectively. There was a large amount of content I wanted each student to get through during the lesson, all of which needed to be... Continue Reading →

Marking stickers

Stickers make marking students work quick and easy, with no need to write additional comments. In addition they prevent teachers from writing similar or even identical comments numerous times, for this reason marking stickers could be a simple solution to... Continue Reading →

Command word wheel

A command word wheel has the potential to assist students to understand in more detail various command words used in examination classes. Each section of the wheel includes the command word (e.g. explain), its definition as well as sentence starters for how to begin... Continue Reading →

NEW KS3 assessment framework (without levels)

After the 2014 National Curriculum changes resulting in the removal of levels for assessing pupils progress many geography teachers have been concerned with what to do next. As a response to curriculum changes the Geographical Association (2016) published a document... Continue Reading →

Progress tracking

Progress is a critical aspect of any lesson especially when being observed. Here are a few of my tried and tested strategies: Strategy 1: Post it note tracking Students are each given a post-it note to write their name on.... Continue Reading →


This is my personal #markingcribsheet  that I have created following the hype on twitter from @Mrthornthonteach. The crib sheet is designed to allow teachers to mark books quicker and more effectively, without writing the same comment over and over again. The... Continue Reading →

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