It is close to that time of year, OPEN EVENING, and therefore time to refresh displays. I have dedicated a large portion of my time over the last two years to revamping our department displays. I have included a photo of each display and a small blurb as to the focus.


Picture 1: Why study Geography?

This display gives a summary of  the skills and careers possible to a geography student, brilliant when linking to GCSE and A-level options.



Picture 2 and 3: Speak like a geographer

This display highlights the importance of using geographical terminology in the correct context to strength knowledge and understanding.


Picture 4: KS3 and KS4 homework calenders

Click HERE for more information


Picture 5: Welcome to Geography

A welcome display showcasing some iconic human and physical landscapes.


Idea 6: Geography @ Primary

The perfect way to highlight primary connections.


Picture 7: AQA GCSE Geography Homework

The entire years homework tasks are put on display in the corridor, as well as Google classroom. The aim to reduce students asking teachers and developing their independence.


Picture 8: Geography Map Skills

Due to a shift in new GCSE reforms, Geography skills need to be at the forefront of our diverse subject. The display offers how to advice for each map skill, with both visual and written step by step instructions.


Picture 9: Geography Command Words

This display showcases the demand of challenge for each command word in line with GCSE specifications.


Picture 10: How to structure a geographical enquiry

This display outlines the enquiry process from start to finish when conducting a geography enquiry.


Picture 11: Geographical words

Designed as a key words display, but developed further through the use of images for each word. Therefore perfect for SEN and EAL students.


Picture 12: Progress framework for Geography

In line with new age related expectations published by the GA, demonstrating progress throughout their learning experiences from year 7 to year 11.


Picture 13: What … pupils think of geography?

Pupil voice is a powerful tool, so why not display students opinions of Geography for all visitors, staff and students to see.

Picture 14 and 15: Geography idols

I think every department should have a display dedicated to the legend that is David Attenborough. The amount of shows he has produced that are used in classroom every year is untrue!

Celebrity geographers is also a great way to highlight those who have studied geography and how they have used their skills and knowledge to pursue various careers.


Picture 16: Map of the world

No geography classroom would be complete without a world map, paint this with blackboard paint to use in lessons as a resource. Not just a display….


Picture 17: GCSE Assessment objectives

Great to highlight the new AO’s for GCSE specifications. Whilst surrounded by example exam questions, students will soon become aware of what the question is looking for.


Picture 18: KS3 Geography homework 

Various tasks for various topics. KS3 students love variety and choice.


Picture 19: Evolution of a Geographer

If you think about the skills geographers need to become successful, this is therefore a great way to showcase to students that over the course of their learning journey these are the skills they will develop.


 Idea 17: Geography fieldwork

Again, what better way to highlight out of classroom experiences than a display.


Picture 20: How to be a good geographer

This display speaks for itself.